Elegance in a heatwave

Everyone you know will eventually be highly vulnerable to extreme heat

“Intense heat waves in recent years offer a stark warning of what’s at stake for humanity. The planet just endured its 12 hottest consecutive months on record, and this summer threatens to be hotter than ever. But those stakes are not experienced equally across age groups. Older adults are more at risk of experiencing dangerous health impacts during periods of intense heat.,” Bloomberg reports.

Bans off our Bodies: Our Abortion

Donald Trump hoped to sidestep abortion in this year’s campaign – Arizona’s near-total ban shows why he can’t

“While court proceedings are likely to delay implementation of the ruling, the political impact was immediate, moving the abortion issue to the fore in a key battleground state, reminding voters of Trump’s role in overturning Roe vs. Wade and handing a gift to President Biden and fellow Democrats,” columnist Mark Z. Barabak writes.