Bans off our Bodies: Our Abortion

The fall of Roe would also be an attack on religious liberty

“A ban on abortion in Missouri violates our freedom as Jews to control our bodies in a way that is consistent with our religious beliefs. As Jews, we understand religious persecution very well. Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion is also deeply troubling because it reveals his disturbing view of pregnant people as mere birthing vessels,” Stacy Newman and Dana Sandweiss write.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Facebook post with gun and backwards scope

Joohn Choe dissects Marjorie Taylor Greene’s absurd “look at me with my gun” ad

In a lengthy Facebook post, Joohn Choe explains why the extremist, militant Georgia member of Congress is a poseur rather than a legit shooter. As Choe puts it: “Trashy weapon, threatening posture, and always, a thin veneer of Instagram ‘gun-bunny’ posturing overlaying stark ignorance and rank mediocrity.”

David Keene speaking to empty chairs

Change the Ref tricks former NRA president into giving a graduation speech to thousands of empty chairs, representing gun violence victims

Change the Ref: “This year, 3,044 members of the high school class of 2021 aren’t graduating due to gun violence. They are The Lost Class. Though their futures were stolen, they still have the potential to change the future of our country so that we never lose another class to gun violence again.”

Department of Homeland Security Logo

Federal intelligence sent to Oregon and Portland indicates right-wing extremists pose biggest lethal threat

Via The Oregonian, confirmation of what we already knew: “Racially motivated extremists and ad-hoc citizen militias appear to present the most pronounced threat of violence to human life, according to a Joint Intelligence Bulletin circulated to law enforcement in June by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center.”

Get your knee off our necks: A sign protesting the murder of George Floyd

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has signed into law a police accountability bill that prohibits neck restraints

“The bill, passed by the Legislature earlier this week, also bans chokeholds and fear-based or ‘warrior-style’ training, which critics say promotes excessive force,” The Associated Press reports. “It imposes a duty to intercede on officers who see a colleague using excessive force and changes rules on the use of force to stress the sanctity of life.”