Welcome to the Northwest Progressive Institute, a netroots powered strategy center working to raise America’s quality of life through innovative research and imaginative advocacy. We’re a think tank with the soul of a tech startup.

We research ideas and propose solutions to elected officials, opinionmakers, and the American people. We uncover the harmful consequences of right wing initiatives, particularly those sponsored by Tim Eyman. NPI is very different from most institutions – in part, that’s because it’s been built by activists, for activists. Our most important resources are human energy (your energy!) and the Internet – the most democratic medium for communication ever invented.

We exist to organize and mobilize progressive thinkers, and give activists an outlet to make their voices heard.

North·west (nawrth-west; Naut. nawr-west)
–noun: the northwestern part of the United States, especially Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Pro·gres·sive (pruh-gres-iv)
–adjective: favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are.

In·sti·tute (in-sti-toot, -tyoot)
–noun: a society or organization for carrying on a particular work, like advancing the common good and expanding freedom.

Headlines from our publications

Sep 4 Washington’s Supreme Court allows Eyman’s I-1366 to proceed to November 2015 ballot
This morning, the Washington State Supreme Court rendered a preliminary verdict in Huff v. Wyman, the scope challenge to Tim Eyman’s I-1366. The Court has ruled unanimously that plaintiffs’ request for an injunction should be denied, which we understand means that I-1366 will appear on the November 2015 ballot. The Court entered the ...
Sep 3 CWA zings Verizon for putting profits ahead of its promises to workers and customers
CWA zings Verizon for putting profits ahead of its promises to workers and customers The Communications Workers of America are once again taking Verizon to task for failing to complete promised FiOS fiber-optic buildouts, and letting aging copper landline infrastructure degrade in areas without any fiber.
Sep 1 Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix team up to create new open source me...
Six technology giants have teamed up with nonprofit browser maker Mozilla to develop new open source media formats for the Web that will be royalty-free and unencumbered by patents. The companies are calling their joint initiative the Alliance for Open Media.
Sep 1 Brian Hatfield leaving Washington State Senate to take job with Inslee administration
For the second time in as many days, a Democratic lawmaker has decided to move on from the Legislature and take a job offering better compensation and benefits in Governor Jay Inslee’s administration. Yesterday, it was State Representative Ross Hunter (D-48th District); today it’s Senator Brian Hatfield (D-19th District: Aberdeen, Lo...
Aug 31 JCPOA with Iran will increase global security: An open letter to uncommitted Democrats
Text of NPI's open letter to Democratic members of Congress from the Pacific Northwest who have not yet committed to support to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran.
Aug 31 Governor Jay Inslee appoints 48th LD’s Ross Hunter as new Director of Early Learning
State Representative Ross Hunter (D-48th District: Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, Medina, Clyde Hill, the Points communities) will soon be leaving the Legislature to join Jay Inslee’s administration as Director of the Department of Early Learning, the governor’s office announced in a late-morning press release. “With landmark investmen...