Welcome to the Northwest Progressive Institute, a netroots powered strategy center working to raise America’s quality of life through innovative research and imaginative advocacy. We’re a think tank with the soul of a tech startup.

We research ideas and propose solutions to elected officials, opinionmakers, and the American people. We uncover the harmful consequences of right wing initiatives, particularly those sponsored by Tim Eyman. NPI is very different from most institutions – in part, that’s because it’s been built by activists, for activists. Our most important resources are human energy (your energy!) and the Internet – the most democratic medium for communication ever invented.

We exist to organize and mobilize progressive thinkers, and give activists an outlet to make their voices heard.

NPI, defined

North·west (nawrth-west; Naut. nawr-west)
–noun: the northwestern part of the United States, especially Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Pro·gres·sive (pruh-gres-iv)
–adjective: favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are.

In·sti·tute (in-sti-toot, -tyoot)
–noun: a society or organization for carrying on a particular work, like advancing the common good and expanding freedom.

Headlines from our publications

Feb 8 Here we go again: Tim Eyman resumes his war on Sound Transit and Link light rail
Tim Eyman is losing in court and under investigation by Attorney General Bob Ferguson for substantive violations of Washington public disclosure law, but that’s not stopping him from swinging for the fences in 2016. Today, Eyman announced that he plans to qualify not one, but two initiatives to the ballot this year. The first, unveiled [&#...
Feb 7 Larry David, Bernie Sanders team up for latest episode of SNL
A highlight of last night's SNL was this sketch, which paired Larry David and Bernie Sanders together as emigrants coming to America's shores.
Feb 7 Smooth move, Democrats! Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to debate in Flint, Michigan
Having yielded to the Democratic presidential candidates’ desire for more debates, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced today that the party is officially sanctioning an eighth debate, which will appropriately be held in the city of Flint, Michigan, which is suffering from a lead poisoning crisis resulting from Republican Gove...
Feb 6 Senate Republicans trip all over themselves trying to explain Lynn Peterson’s ouster
In the wake of yesterday’s surprise vote to remove Lynn Peterson as Washington Secretary of Transportation, Senate Republicans have been asked, again and again, by their Democratic colleagues as well as by reporters: Why are you doing this? Different Republican senators have been giving different answers, especially in one-on-one interview...
Feb 6 Snohomish County’s 5th District PCOs meet to choose nominees to succeed Dave Somers
Good morning, and welcome to NPI’s live coverage of the special nominating caucus to fill the council vacancy created by the election of Dave Somers as Snohomish County Executive. This special nominating caucus has been called by the Snohomish County Democratic Central Committee in accordance with state party rules, to select three nominee...
Feb 5 Washington Secretary of Transportation Lynn Peterson forced out by Senate Republicans
After three years on the job, Washington State Secretary of Transportation Lynn Peterson’s employment has been abruptly terminated — though not by Governor Jay Inslee, the chief executive who hired her and who she reports to by law. Instead, in a stunning turn of events, Peterson is being forced to pack her bags by the […]