Welcome to the Northwest Progressive Institute, a netroots powered strategy center working to raise America’s quality of life through insightful research and imaginative advocacy.

We’re a think tank with the soul of a tech startup.

We research ideas and propose solutions to elected officials, fellow activists, and the public. We uncover the harmful consequences of right wing initiatives, particularly those sponsored by Tim Eyman.

NPI is very different from most institutions – in part, that’s because it’s been built by activists, for activists. Our most important resources are human energy (your energy!) and the Internet – the most democratic medium for communication ever invented. We exist to organize and mobilize progressive thinkers, and give activists an outlet to make their voices heard.

North·west (nawrth-west; Naut. nawr-west)
–noun: the northwestern part of the United States, especially Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Pro·gres·sive (pruh-gres-iv)
–adjective: favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are.

In·sti·tute (in-sti-toot, -tyoot)
–noun: a society or organization for carrying on a particular work, like advancing the common good and expanding freedom.

Headlines from our projects

Jul 19 Republican incompetence jeopardizing 2017-2019 capital budget for Washington State
State legislators may have been able to avoid a state government shutdown by passing an operating budget on June 30th, but they are only hours away from facing the consequences of failing to pass a 2017-2019 capital budget, which will include layoffs, project delays, and the continued denial of an amply funded public education to […]
Jul 18 To My Fellow Plutocrats: You Can Cure Trumpism
"Pay your workers a decent wage and maybe you can stave off the pitchforks that are still coming for us," writes billionaire Nick Hanauer.
Jul 18 PPA repeal effort fails: Millions of Americans spared (for now) from losing their healthcare
“This is an epic fail. This is historic. This is seven years of arguing going down the drain.” — Republican pundit Charles Krauthammer Republican efforts to eviscerate or simply get rid of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act have run into a series of fatal roadblocks in the United States Senate, which means millions […]
Jul 18 Meet the new progressive government of British Columbia, led by Premier John Horgan
Today, a new progressive government was sworn in to oversee Washington and Idaho’s northern neighbor of British Columbia, Canada’s third largest province. Led by John Horgan, it consists of eleven men and eleven women from the New Democratic Party (NDP), the more progressive of B.C.’s two major political parties. The NDP is ret...
Jul 17 LIVE: Seattle Mayoral Debate 2017 at Impact Club
Tonight Seattle City CLub hosts one of the first debates with six Seattle mayoral candidates including Jessyn Farrell, Senator Bob Hasegawa, Carrie Moon, Nikita Oliver and Jenny Durkin. We will be following the candida dates with live updates as the night continues so stayed tuned. What sets you apart? Nikita Oliver has stated that she […]
Jul 17 LIVE from Seattle: Impact Hub hosts televised 2017 Emerald City mayoral debate
Tonight, Seattle City Club is hosting a mayoral debate with six of the leading candidates for Seattle’s top public job, including Jessyn Farrell, Bob Hasegawa, Cary Moon, Nikita Oliver and Jenny Durkan. NPI will be chronicling the proceedings with live updates as the night continues, so stay tuned. QUESTION: What sets you apart? ANSWERS: N...