Code of Ethics

As a strategy center, the Northwest Progressive Institute (NPI) is a hybrid of many different kinds of institutions. We are a media organization as well as a research and advocacy organization. Our integrity, both in fact and in appearance, is vital to our effectiveness as a force for the common good. It is in that spirit that we have adopted the following Code of Ethics to govern our actions.

  • We pledge that we will disclose any conflict of interest or affiliation with a clear disclaimer in affected materials. We will disclose ongoing conflict of interests or affiliations in staff biographies.
  • We pledge to be compassionate towards the voiceless and powerless.
  • We pledge to report facts, not unsubstantiated rumors or baseless insider gossip, and verify those facts to the best of our ability.
  • We pledge to be respectful in our criticism. When warranted, we will attempt to provide those we criticize with an opportunity to respond.
  • We pledge to support the open exchange of ideas. Even if we disagree with the ideas and views expressed by other people, we will nevertheless always defend their right as Americans to freely express them.
  • We pledge to always strive for complete accuracy in our work. If we become aware of an error in a post or topic, we will try to immediately correct it, and we will acknowledge major errors with a correction notice.
  • We pledge that the content we publish will be our original work. We will give credit where credit is due, either by citing or providing links to source material, or both.
  • We pledge to avoid stereotypes and slurs. We will use bias free-language and attempt to refer to people in the manner that they have chosen.
  • We pledge to respect the privacy of others, regardless of their activities online. We recognize that public figures are entitled to respect for the non-public nature of their personal lives and their personal contact information.
  • We pledge to acommodate requests for online anonymity, within reason, whether made directly or through the use of a pseudonym. We may make exceptions in cases of intentionally disruptive or potentially criminal activities.
  • We pledge not to identify juvenile suspects, victims of sex crimes, or criminal suspects, especially before charges have been filed.
  • We pledge to question any source’s motives before agreeing to publish anything the source requests to be published, or before promising anonymity.
  • We pledge to attempt to describe or identify the source of information we have obtained that cannot be located elsewhere. This includes, but is not limited to, press release, e-mails, and statements sent to us.
  • We pledge to maintain the technical clarity of images we include in our reporting. To the extent that doing so requires making alterations to original images, we will clearly explain what those alterations are, and why they were necessary. We will not alter original images under other circumstances.
  • We pledge that, if we utilize humor or satirize opposing viewpoints, we will do so in a manner that identifies clearly to our readers that we are doing so. While we may use satire to exaggerate, we will not misrepresent in a serious context.
  • We pledge that we will work to expose unethical practices of others.
  • We pledge to take action if any staff member or contributor violate our Code of Ethics, and to investigate legitimate complaints alleging violations lodged with us by our readers.

We take pride in our work as advocates for progressive ideals and as members of the media. We also recognize that the free exchange of ideas must be respectful, that facts must be verified, and that we must lead by example.