Research is at the core of NPI’s work. We analyze problems using the logic of progressive values to find and advance ideas that will improve lives. Below are summaries of NPI’s major poll findings from 2018 and 2017 with links to the Cascadia Advocate post accompanying the release of each survey question.

Presidential candidates should be required to disclose tax returns to access Washington’s ballot

Finding: Three out of five Washington voters agree that candidates for President of the United States should be required to disclose at least five years of personal tax returns in order to appear on the state’s general election ballot, with a majority of fifty-one percent in strong agreement. Read more.

Washingtonians disapprove of Trump’s job performance, would vote for Democratic opponent if election were being held now

Finding: Washingtonians have a low opinion of Donald Trump’s job performance. More than three in five voters surveyed statewide gave Trump a thumbs down. Even in Eastern Washington, more voters disapprove of Trump’s job performance than approve. Read more.

Putting a price on pollution

Finding: 57% of likely 2018 voters surveyed agree that Washington State should reduce emissions of air pollutants like carbon dioxide and methane by levying a pollution tax and using the revenue raised to invest in electric transportation infrastructure and renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and geothermal. Read more.

State Supreme Court

Finding: 74% of likely voters surveyed were not sure who they’d support for Washington State Supreme Court Position #8, the only contested high court race of the 2018 midterms. Of those who did specify a preference, 16% expressed a preference for admonished attorney Nathan Choi, while only 10% were for accomplished incumbent Steve Gonzalez. Read more.

Life in prison alternatives to the death penalty

Finding: 69% of Washingtonians (including supermajorities of Democrats and independents, and a majority of Republicans) support life in prison alternatives to the death penalty, while just 24% support executions as a punishment for people convicted of murder. Read more.

Education funding and capital gains tax

Finding: A majority of Washingtonians remain supportive of levying a capital gains tax on the wealthy to ensure our state meets its paramount duty of providing an amply funded education for all children residing within its borders. Read more.

U.S. Senate, 2018

Finding: Democratic U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell enjoys a sixteen-point lead over her best known Republican opponent, former State Party Chair Susan Hutchison. Hutchison’s deficit is almost identical to the one that Michael Baumgartner, Cantwell’s 2012 opponent, started out with six years ago. Cantwell went on to defeat Baumgartner with 60% of the vote to his 39%. Read more.

De-Escalate Washington’s I-940

Finding: 69% of likely 2018 Washington voters favor an initiative to require law enforcement to receive violence de-escalation and mental-health training in addition to changing the legal standard for use of deadly force, with only 28% opposed. Read more.

Corporate tax accountability

Finding: Nearly four out of five Washingtonians want legislators to toughen our tax code to hold corporations financially responsible when they fail to deliver on their job creation promises or they move jobs out of our state. Read more.

Special state legislative elections in 2017

Finding: Given the opportunity to cast a vote in a special state House race or state Senate contest this year — ordinarily just a local election year — most Washingtonians surveyed say they would support the Democratic Party’s candidates. Read more.

Medicare For All

Finding: Half of Washingtonians surveyed (50%) strongly support expanding Medicare to cover everyone, while an additional 14% are somewhat supportive, for a total of 64% supportive. And, by a nearly two-to-one margin, respondents said they preferred the Patient Protection Act signed into law by President Obama to the “Trumpcuts” legislation that has repeatedly failed to pass the United States Senate. Read more.