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Will you make a contribution to help support grassroots/netroots infrastructure? Every dollar you give goes directly towards supporting our operations. Not familiar with our work? Picture an activist-driven permanent campaign, a strategy center, working to advance the common good and put progressive ideas out there. That’s what we are.

Support NPI by check
When you donate by check, we keep 100% of your donation. Mail your contribution to:

Northwest Progressive Institute
PO Box 264
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If you prefer to donate by credit card, use one of the buttons below. Please consider donating by check, though – when you send us a check, we keep 100% of your donation (Visa, MasterCard, and the banks take a percentage of every credit card transaction for themselves, and those fees add up!)

  • Ten dollars goes a lot further than you might think, especially since we don’t spend one penny on consultants or paid media. For example, ten dollars keeps our domain name,, resolving for an entire year.
  • Twenty five dollars keeps our core projects, including The Advocate and Pacific NW Portal, online and humming for another month, as well as helping us afford extra bandwidth so we can grow.
  • Fifty dollars sends a staff member to a workshop or training to advance their political organizing and outreach skills.
  • Seventy five dollars buys a month of mobile broadband service so our team can cover breaking political news on the scene, as it happens. No wi-fi is no problem when we can liveblog from a train, boat, bus, or anywhere the news takes us!

Please note: Contributions and gifts to NPI are not tax-deductible. 100% of your contribution will be used for long-term infrastructure building, research, and advocacy that will continue to pay off after the current election cycle ends. NPI is committed to protecting your privacy and will not share or sell your contact information.