Social Security card on top of a bed of money

Trump regime: Americans on Social Security will have to file a simple tax return to receive a $1,200 check

“Many lawmakers and advocates for the poor say filing a tax return shouldn’t be necessary for people on Social Security since the government already knows how to send this population monthly checks. The $2.2 trillion aid package said that if someone has not filed a 2019 or 2018 tax return, the U.S. Treasury should get their information from Social Security, if applicable,” The Washington Post reports.

United Airlines jet taking off

Airlines ask Trump regime to gut consumer protections for the flying public

“The deregulation initiative is a dramatic shift for the federal agency, which under President Obama adopted or proposed more than eighty airline-related consumer-protection and safety regulations,” writes Hugo Martin. These include the tarmac delay rule, truth in fare advertising rule, and the twenty-four hour grace period for cancellations that allows for full refunds.