Tim Eyman steals a chair from Office Depot
Tim Eyman steals a chair from Office Depot

Last month, in what has become one of the most infa­mous inci­dents of shoplift­ing in Wash­ing­ton State his­to­ry, dis­graced ini­tia­tive pro­mot­er and polit­i­cal scam­mer Tim Eyman was caught on cam­era tak­ing a Bren­ton Stu­dios May­hart Chair from Office Depot with­out pay­ing for it. The City of Lacey, not amused by Eyman’s “I did­n’t steal because I did­n’t mean to steal” rou­tine, charged Eyman with theft.

Today, Eyman plead­ed not guilty to that charge, even though the video evi­dence clear­ly demon­strates that he did the crime (and should thus do some time):

Tim Eyman walks out with office chair

We all know what the right wing thinks should hap­pen to law­break­ers like Eyman: No mer­cy! Throw the book at them! Impose the harsh­est pos­si­ble punishment!

“Crim­i­nals don’t abide by the law. Bring back the death penal­ty and make ‘crime pay’.” — Gary, a “law and order” con­ser­v­a­tive from Yaki­ma who was fea­tured in a recent newslet­ter pub­lished by State Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Bruce Chandler

After Eyman’s plea of not guilty was entered for him by his attor­ney, he was ordered by the court not to have any con­tact with the Office Depot in Lacey that he stole the chair from. How­ev­er, Eyman has already been back to the store: he even cre­at­ed a video with the help of a friend show­ing him attempt­ing to return the stolen chair, which he was told to turn over to the Lacey Police Department.

After giv­ing the stolen chair to Lacey Police, the video shows Eyman going back to the Lacey Office Depot and buy­ing an iden­ti­cal Bren­ton Stu­dios May­hart chair.

How­ev­er, it appears that at least for the imme­di­ate future, Eyman will not be set­ting foot inside the Lacey Office Depot, at least unless he desires to dis­obey a judge and get into even more trou­ble than he already is.

Eyman’s next court date in this crim­i­nal case is April 16th. His next civ­il court date is tomor­row, when he will be appear­ing before Judge James Dixon in the main State of Wash­ing­ton v. Tim Eyman cam­paign finance enforce­ment suit.

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