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Oregon primary election results: Val Hoyle elected to lead Bureau of Labor and Industries

In a victory for the Democratic Party of Oregon, voters in the Beaver State have decided to keep the office of Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries (which is a nonpartisan position) in progressive hands by electing Val Hoyle.

“I am honored that the voters of Oregon had faith in my message to show up for working people, families and jobs,” Hoyle said following her victory.

“Oregonians have chosen a true champion for workers in Val Hoyle as Labor Commissioner,” said Democratic Chair Jeanne Atkins. “She has a history of standing up for Oregonians and fighting for justice. Despite her opponents’ attempt to smear her character and distort her positions, voters saw through it and chose the best candidate for the seat. I am glad, but not surprised, to see her win outright and look forward to working with her on the campaign trail in the coming months.”

Hoyle had been locked in an unexpectedly close race with Republican Lou Ogden, the mayor of Tulatin, which is a suburb of Portland. But she was able to prevail.

Had Hoyle not garnered more than fifty percent of the vote, the contest would have headed to a runoff. But with a majority secured, the campaign can come to an end.

Incumbent Commissioner Brad Aviakin opted not to seek reelection this year, which meant the position was an open seat. Democrats in Oregon made electing Hoyle a top priority in this month’s primary election, vowing to hold on to the office.

Hoyle, the former Democratic Majority Leader in the Oregon State House of Representatives, left the Legislature last cycle when she ran for Secretary of State. Her campaign was unsuccessful, however, and Lane County Commissioners passed her over when a State Senate vacancy came open in the Eugene area.

But now she is set to represent Oregonians as their Commissioner of Labor and Industries, after having fended off a challenge from Ogden.

Election Night Results for Bureau of Labor & Industries Commissioner

  • Lou Ogden (Supported by the Republican Party: 35.34% (193,615 votes)
  • Val Hoyle (Supported by the Democratic Party): 51.62% (282,802 votes)
  • Jack Howard: 12.66% (69,341 votes)
  • Write-in candidates: 0.39% (2,130 votes)

Total votes: 547,888