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Friday, February 3rd, 2017

State of Washington wins restraining order against Trump regime’s immigration ban

Handing Attorney General Bob Ferguson a preliminary victory in his efforts to stop neofascist Donald Trump from stomping all over the United States Constitution and federal law, U.S. Federal District Court Judge Judge James L. Robart today granted the State of Washington’s request for a temporary restraining order blocking implementation of key provisions of Trump’s executive order on immigration, including those sections that ban immigration from certain countries.

Robart’s decision will affect the entire country, not just the Pacific Northwest or the States of Washington and Minnesota (Minnesota joined the suit yesterday).

“The Constitution prevailed today,” Ferguson said in a statement hailing the decision. “No one is above the law — not even the President.”

The news release went on to say:

The Temporary Restraining Order will remain in place until U.S. District Court Senior Judge James L. Robart considers the Attorney General’s lawsuit challenging key provisions of the President’s order as illegal and unconstitutional. If Ferguson prevails, the Executive Order would be permanently invalidated nationwide.

To obtain the Temporary Restraining Order, the state needed to prove that its underlying lawsuit was likely to succeed, that irreparable harm was likely to occur without the restraining order, and that halting the President’s order immediately is in the public interest.

The State also needed to establish that the potential injury to Washington residents caused by leaving the President’s order in place outweighs any potential damage from halting it.

Judge Robart, who was nominated to the court by President George W. Bush in 2003, ruled that Ferguson had met the high standards necessary to block the Executive Order until the court reaches the merits of the lawsuit.

“This is a tremendous victory for the State of Washington,” said Governor Jay Inslee in a separate statement. “Thank you to AG Ferguson and his team for making the case that no person – not even the president – is above the law.”

“There is still more to do,” the Governor added. “The fight isn’t yet won. But we should feel heartened by today’s victory and more resolute than ever that we are fighting on the right side of history.”

NPI congratulates Attorney General Bob Ferguson on today’s victory and wishes his office success in obtaining a permanent injunction.

Today’s victory is a reminder that abuses of power can be stopped. America is a country of laws. Our Founders gave us a system of government with checks and balances. It is the responsibility of the judicial branch to interpret the law and ensure the executive branch does not overstep its authority.

Today, Judge Robart upheld his oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

We thank him for granting the temporary restraining order and urge him to grant Ferguson’s prayer for relief in the underlying lawsuit.

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