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Happy seventh birthday, Pacific NW Portal!

One of our most important projects, which we’ve been investing a lot of energy into lately, is turning seven today: Pacific NW Portal, first launched on January 31st, 2005, has now been online for a grand total of eighty four months. Since the day it launched, it’s helped to bring the netroots of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho together, and it’s made following political news from around the region much easier.

A month and a week ago, the Portal received a huge makeover with the unveiling of Version 5.0, codenamed Newport. (Portal releases are named after cities and towns on the Oregon coast). Newport was several years in the making, and we’re very happy with the reception it has received.

We are continuing to make improvements to Pacific NW Portal – just last week, we released Version 5.1, a minor update to Newport, codenamed Agate Beach. And preliminary work is already under way on Version 6.0, driven by your ideas.

In honor of Pacific NW Portal’s seventh birthday, here is a roundup, or compilation, of comments we’ve received over the years from NPI readers and fellow bloggers about the project and what it means to them.

From the day it was launched, Pacific Northwest Portal instantly became a must-have bookmark for anybody interested in perusing progressive news and views from the Pacific Northwest.

— David Goldstein

An ambitious blog of blogs for the progressive Pacific Northwest plus news and weather. An indispensable resource.

— Michael Hood

Of course, the need for a handy online fix of progressive political news is even more acute in places like Idaho. Red State Rebels is honored to be part of the Pacific NW Portal mix.

— Julie Fanselow

I can imagine the amount of work that goes into doing all this.  Your site provides a great resource to the NW Blogosphere. Resources like this and the PNW Topic Hotlist provide Pacific Northwesterners with unique tools for the benefit of progressives. Other regions of the country should be jealous!

— Daniel Kirkdorffer

It’s always good to see you guys on top of things, I know that for at least me you are a huge asset to Idaho bloggers and the politicians we support.

— Chris Oates

<3 Pacific NW Portal is my homepage. Rock on.

— NPI reader Sandals

It looks great – and is much improved. I like the highlights of NW bloggers a lot. I just registered with the site and bookmarked it, which I didn’t do the last time I visited before the changes.

— Tom Kertes

On behalf of the Oregon House Democrats, thanks for this critical work.

— Oregon State Representative Chip Shields

I am a Corvallis, Oregon progressive and occassional blogger. I have been keeping my eye out for NW-related sites, so I will make sure to head over to Pacific NW Portal right away. I have been meaning to begin writing more regularly, so I am happy to see that other NWers will have a chance to see my writing!

— Robin Ozretich

Liberals in the Northwest have been behind the game in getting their mutual-support act together (yours truly is notably slow on this particular uptake), but the appearance of Pacific NW Portal is decidedly a step in the right, er, left direction.

— David Neiwert

The Northwest Progressive Institute has a nice link for Pacific NW Portal. I’m still looking around but it’s got good info, and is well organized.  

— Carl Ballard

Pacific NW Portal is truly a “portal” into politics and political blogging in the Pacific Northwest. It is a fount of information and connection to progressive groups and thinkers.

— Rowan Wolf

To everyone who has supported Pacific NW Portal over the years – whether by sending in suggestions for improvement, reporting bugs, spreading the word about the site, or just visiting it and using it – thank you, from all of us at NPI.