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Wednesday, August 16th, 2023

New fiscal dashboard proposed by NPI and Senator Kuderer goes live for Washingtonians

Good news, Wash­ing­to­ni­ans! A new open gov­ern­ment tool pro­posed by the North­west Pro­gres­sive Insti­tute and Sen­a­tor Pat­ty Kud­er­er has recent­ly gone live and is now avail­able to help any­one inter­est­ed in bet­ter under­stand­ing pub­lic finance in Wash­ing­ton. Pre­pared by the Leg­isla­tive Eval­u­a­tion and Account­abil­i­ty Pro­gram (LEAP) and the Office of Finan­cial Man­age­ment (OFM), the Bud­get­ing for Wash­ing­ton’s Future fis­cal dash­board pro­vides use­ful, truth­ful, and accu­rate infor­ma­tion about state rev­enue and expen­di­tures, as required by the leg­is­la­tion we cre­at­ed to get rid of Tim Eyman’s push polls.

On the dash­board, you will find:

  • A sum­ma­ry of each of our adopt­ed bud­gets — oper­at­ing, cap­i­tal, and trans­porta­tion — with links to how law­mak­ers vot­ed and what’s in each
  • A cool chart depict­ing the bud­get­ed amounts for the func­tion­al areas of gov­ern­ment — a way to see where your tax dol­lars are going
  • Links to OFM’s pre­sen­ta­tion of state rev­enue and expen­di­tures per $1,000 of per­son­al income, which allows for com­par­isons across time periods
  • An analy­sis of bills rais­ing tax­es or fees that passed the Legislature
Inaugural fiscal dashboard prepared by LEAP and OFM

Screen­shot of the first edi­tion of the dash­board, cre­at­ed in the sum­mer of 2023

The last sec­tion is par­tic­u­lar­ly use­ful — it pro­vides, in a nice­ly orga­nized table for­mat, an account­ing of the bills that increased fees or tax­es. It’s even sortable. You can click on the notice next to any bill to see how law­mak­ers vot­ed on it and how much mon­ey it’s pro­ject­ed to bring in over the next decade.

(Note that bud­get­ing is typ­i­cal­ly done in two year incre­ments, and cost pro­jec­tions are less like­ly to be accu­rate after four to five years.)

Thir­ty-four bills from the 2023 leg­isla­tive ses­sion are cur­rent­ly list­ed in the table. Most raised fees; a few raised tax­es. With a cou­ple clicks or taps, you can obtain the text of any of them as well as the fis­cal impact analysis.

This dash­board, which will be updat­ed by August 15th of each year, replaces what Tim Eyman called “advi­so­ry votes,” but which were real­ly harm­ful push polls.

As the intro­duc­tion explains:

Dur­ing the 2023 ses­sion, the Leg­is­la­ture passed Engrossed Sub­sti­tute Sen­ate Bill (ESSB) 5082, which repealed advi­so­ry votes and estab­lished this web­page to inform vot­ers about the state bud­get, as well as to share cost analy­ses for bills passed dur­ing the most recent leg­isla­tive ses­sion. By August 15 each year, you will find the lat­est infor­ma­tion as pro­vid­ed by the Leg­isla­tive Eval­u­a­tion and Account­abil­i­ty Pro­gram (LEAP) Com­mit­tee and the Office of Finan­cial Man­age­ment (OFM).

ESSB 5082 went into effect on July 23rd, 2023, after a five year effort by our team to get it through both cham­bers of the Leg­is­la­ture. Prime spon­sored by Sen­a­tor Pat­ty Kud­er­er (with the com­pan­ion offered by Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Amy Walen in the House), the bill removed a cost­ly bar­ri­er to vot­ing while pro­vid­ing for the cre­ation of the dashboard.

For vis­i­bil­i­ty, in years when the state cre­ates a voter’s pam­phlet, there will be a page in the print edi­tion that con­tains a quick response code, a URL, and instruc­tions for eas­i­ly access­ing the dashboard.

We’re delight­ed that this resource is now avail­able to the peo­ple of the State of Wash­ing­ton and encour­age read­ers to book­mark it for easy reference.

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