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Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

Today is General Election Day 2019. Haven’t voted yet? It’s time to get that ballot in!

Today is General Election Day in Washington State and in several other states, including Oregon and Idaho. Much is at stake. Voters in Washington will decide the fate of three legitimate statewide ballot measures (Initiative 976, Initiative 1000, Senate Joint Resolution 8200) and two legislative positions being contested in special elections, along with thousands of offices at the local level.

2019 is truly a local election year: Most home rule counties that operate under their own charters (like King, Snohomish, Clark, and Whatcom) will be filling positions, along with most cities, school districts, and ports.

Oregon and Idaho have no state-level measures on the ballot today, but there are a few local positions and measures on the ballot in numerous jurisdictions.

Have you voted yet? If you have, congratulations on fulfilling your civic duty. Now, go check up on your friends and family and make sure they’ve voted, too.

Haven’t voted yet? It’s time to get that ballot in! You’ve only got a few hours left before time runs out to participate. There’s no excuse for not voting.

You should have received your ballot in the mail a few weeks ago from the county you reside in. If you did not receive a ballot, or if you have misplaced your ballot, you should call your county auditor or elections office to obtain a provisional ballot.

Don’t forget to sign your ballot before putting it in a drop box or the mail. Washingtonians, locate the nearest drop box to you by going here.

If you live in Oregon, don’t take your ballot to a post office, as it’s too late to mail it. Find a drop box instead, and take your ballot there.

Not sure who to vote for? If you belong to or prefer a particular political party, you may want to consult their list of endorsements.

There’s also the Progressive Voters Guide maintained by Fuse Washington.

NPI has taken positions on the following statewide ballot measures in Washington (we do not endorse or oppose candidates for office).

Legitimate statewide ballot measures

  • Initiative 976, sponsored by Tim Eyman): NO
  • Initiative 1000/Referendum 88, sponsored by Kan Qiu: APPROVED
  • Senate Joint Resolution 8200 (constitutional amendment): APPROVED

Tim Eyman’s push polls

Vote “MAINTAINED” on all twelve to resist Tim Eyman’s malicious attempts to undermine our system of representative government.

  • “Advisory Vote” #20 (Second Substitute House Bill 1087)
  • “Advisory Vote” #21 (Engrossed Third Substitute House Bill 1324)
  • “Advisory Vote” #22 (Substitute House Bill 1652)
  • “Advisory Vote” #23 (Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 1873)
  • “Advisory Vote” #24 (Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 2158)
  • “Advisory Vote” #25 (Substitute House Bill 2167)
  • “Advisory Vote” #26 (Substitute Senate Bill 5581)
  • “Advisory Vote” #27 (Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5993)
  • “Advisory Vote” #28 (Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5997)
  • “Advisory Vote” #29 (Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5998)
  • “Advisory Vote” #30 (Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 6004)
  • “Advisory Vote” #31 (Engrossed Senate Bill 6016)

Then, compose a short message to legislative leaders in the House and the Senate asking them to repeal Eyman’s push polls during the upcoming 2020 legislative session so these stupid things never appear on our ballots again.

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