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Monday, August 13th, 2018

Jason Rittereiser suspends congressional campaign; congratulates Kim Schrier

Attorney and former prosecutor Jason Rittereiser announced moments ago that he is suspending his campaign for Congress after concluding that his chances of overtaking Kim Schrier in Washington’s Top Two election are slim to none.

Here’s the full statement released by his campaign.

Today, I have suspended my campaign for Congress in WA-08. Despite making up ground in the vote total since election night in this close race, with today’s ballot release, it has become clear that the path to victory is unlikely. As a result, I have reached out to Kim Schrier to offer my congratulations, support, and best wishes in the general election.

This race has always been greater than any one individual. The 8th Congressional District will help determine control of the House of Representatives. I care deeply about this district, and as Democrats, we must win this seat. The best thing for our party, the district, and our nation, is to come together to ensure we take back control of Congress and put a check on the Trump Administration.

To the voters in the 8th District, we are at a defining moment in America. We all want a nation that is secure, families that are healthy, a job that is stable, our children educated, and our environment protected. These values transcend political divides and define us not by party but as Americans. Please cherish the opportunity to affect our democracy by voting in November and send the first Democrat to Congress from our great district.

To our volunteers, I will be forever grateful for your tireless and dedicated work on our campaign.

It is our shared values and vision for better days ahead that united us in our effort to change the tide of politics and break through the partisan divide to connect with voters in every corner of the 8th Congressional District. Our campaign was better because of your work.

To our supporters, thank you. My wife, Michelle, and I remain overwhelmed by your encouragement, your generosity, and your commitment to us and our campaign. Please know that our gratitude is immeasurable, and we are forever thankful for your support.

Running for the United States Congress has been the privilege of my professional life. I am proud of our staff, the campaign we built, and the race we ran. We launched our campaign centered on living our values, to stand up for what’s right, and to send the next generation of leaders to Congress. Unfortunately, today, we came up short of our goal. But, there remains much work to be done to return progress to our politics and to deliver a better nation for the next generation.

We are just getting started.

As of this afternoon, Republican Dino Rossi had 72,185 votes (43.17% of the vote), while the top Democratic contender, Dr. Kim Schrier, had 31,312 votes (18.73% of the vote). Rittereiser is in third place with 30,196 votes (18.06% of the vote). He trails Schrier by 1,116 votes after five days of ballot counting.

Within his home county of Kittitas, Rittereiser is the top Democratic vote getter, with 28.15% of the vote. However, Kim Schrier is the Democratic candidate with the most support in every other county in the district, and appears set to move on.

Twelve candidates filed for the open seat being vacated by incumbent Dave Reichert last May. Now just two are left: Dino Rossi and Kim Schrier. They will be locked in a fierce battle for supremacy in Washington’s 8th Congressional District between now and the conclusion of the November general election in several months.

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One Comment

  1. My guess is that Republicans will make the campaign about Nancy Pelosi and make the demon.

    # by Mike Barer :: August 13th, 2018 at 8:08 PM