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Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

5th District Democrats celebrate as early returns put Bill Ramos and Lisa Callan ahead

At an election night watch party for Democratic state House hopefuls Bill Ramos and Lisa Callan in Issaquah, a cheer erupted as the initial election results appeared on the big screen. The numbers showed both candidates with a majority of the vote.

Ramos, an Issaquah City Councilmember, has 53.64% to Republican Chad Magendanz’s 46.36%, while Callan, an Issaquah school board member, has 52.92%. Opponent (and incumbent) Paul Graves has 45.67%. A third candidate, Ryan Dean Burkett, has 1.42% of the vote and will not be going on to November.

Callan and Ramos were joined at the Rogue Issaquah Brewhouse by a large contingent of family, friends and volunteers.

The night began with casual conversation and warm greetings as guests took an occasional peek at the developments in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District, where Democrat Danny O’Connor remains locked in a fierce battle with his Republican opponent Troy Balderson in a special election.

Both campaign managers took time out to recognize some of the most active callers and door-knockers for their vital efforts over the past several weeks.

Minutes after the ballot drop boxes closed, the first results were posted and it was clear both candidates were going to finish the night in first place.

Ramos and Callan gathered with their campaign managers at the front of the hall, smiling and posing for celebratory pictures.

Happy phone calls were made and there were plenty of hugs to go around.

As the candidates took a moment to thank their guests and supporters, Callan made a point of highlighting the volunteers who fueled both campaigns, knocking on over 31,000 doors and making more than 3,000 calls to voters.

As she put it, volunteers formed the “backbone of this campaign.”

“It’s absolutely all about voter contact,” she added. “People are engaged, they’re listening, and they like what they hear.”

Ramos also focused on volunteer efforts and how they reached more than 30,000 donors so far. “And we’ll reach 30,000 more in the next ninety days,” he pledged. “The work pays off. It’s the work that does it.”

The evening continued with food, drink and joyful conversation as guests stayed to visit, celebrate, and watch the rest of the results roll in across the state, with cheers for every Democratic candidate leading and winning tonight.

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