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Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

More state projections: Trump takes West Virginia, South Carolina; Ohio too close to call

The minutes continue to tick by and the projections continue to roll in. Sort of.

News networks tend to be skittish about calling a state for a candidate when there isn’t enough data to definitely indicate which way the vote is going to go, so many of the projections so far have really been non-projections — in other words, too close to call or too early to call.

As was noted previously, Trump is projected to take Indiana and Kentucky; but now West Virginia and South Carolina have been called for him as well. He was expected to win easily in all those states. Indiana has backed the Republican nominee for the last few cycles, with the exception of 2008, when Obama narrowly won it.

Ohio has joined the list of states too early to call. However, Republican Senator Rob Portman is projected to have won reelection, defeating former Democratic Governor Ted Strickland, who didn’t wage a very good campaign.

“Strickland says he called Portman to concede and “wish him well in representing the people of Ohio in the Senate,” reports Burgess Everett.

Meanwhile, in Florida, early tallied votes suggest good news for Hillary Clinton, but there’s a long night of counting ahead.

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