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San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro to keynote 2012 Democratic National Convention

Democratic National Convention organizers have announced that San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro will be the keynote speaker opening night of the 2012 Convention in Charlotte (Tuesday, September 4th). The announcement came as the Tea Party’s Ted Cruz beat establishment favorite Lt. Governor David Dewherst for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in Texas.

The timing of each piece of news may have been a coincidence, but it shows that Hispanic candidates and elected leaders are increasingly in the spotlight.

Castro is one of the Texas Democratic Party’s rising stars. Thanks to Barack Obama’s team, he will have center stage in Charlotte. The thirty-seven year old Hispanic mayor previously wowed the crowd at the Texas Democratic Convention, where he was introduced by his twin brother, Joaquin. Both are Stanford and Harvard Law graduates, raised by a single mom who happens to be a spirited activist.

Texas Democrats are ecstatic. “I had to put on heavy shoes this morning to keep from flying”, wrote a blogger friend. I share her excitement, having lived in Texas for five years before relocating to Washington. I can’t wait to hear Castro’s address, which will follow First Lady Michelle Obama’s. I have no doubt it will be as important as that of a certain Senator’s from Illinois in 2004.

One day, this bright young mayor from Texas may be a successful and popular governor. Perhaps, as several Texas governors before him, he’ll run for President.

Of course, I’m getting ahead of myself, but it’s nice to dream.