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Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Costco to Washington State Legislature: “Have we got a deal for you…”

From: Costco
To: Members, Washington State Legislature
RE: Your financial troubles

Dear lawmakers,

As one of Washington’s largest publicly-traded companies, Costco feels an obligation to selflessly assist its state in weathering the ongoing fiscal storm that has had such a devastating impact on citizens and consumers alike.

Last year the voters of our state rejected a proposal that would have allowed our stores to better serve our customers by selling liquor. Like everyone, we believe in “the will of the people” and respect their decision.


After serious consideration, we’ve come up with an idea that we think would make everyone happy by achieving several goals simultaneously:

  1. Provide the state with much-needed revenue
  2. Let Costco better serve our customers
  3. Listen to what the voters really said last November: they want easier access to liquor, but don’t want every corner store in the state selling liquor

Here’s the deal:

You allow private liquor sales, but limit it to stores over 9,000 square feet. In other words, guys like us who people know and trust.

In return, we’ll kick back to you something like 6 or 7 percent of our gross liquor receipts for five years or so – after that the state won’t need all that money and can get by with a flat annual fee to renew our license ($166 sounds reasonable).

It’s a win/win: you get a cash infusion and we get to better serve the people of Washington state.

Let us know what you think!



CC: Stefan Sharkansky

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One Comment

  1. I can do the math, and I oppose anything that will reduce state income. The Costco proposal is in that category.

    I deem it to be against my interests as a citizen who supports all those government programs aimed at improving life in our state, from education to green energy to health care to job creation to public safety and public transportation, and all the other areas for which we, through our government, pool our resources for our mutual benefit.

    # by Math Lliterate :: March 26th, 2011 at 11:43 PM

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