Trump admirer Cesar Sayoc
Trump admirer Cesar Sayoc

Author­i­ties have made an arrest in con­nec­tion with the mail­ing of live explo­sive devices to crit­ics of Don­ald Trump and his destruc­tive, Repub­li­can Par­ty-sup­port­ed regime. Cesar Say­oc Jr., fifty-six, of Aven­tu­ra, Flori­da, was tak­en into cus­tody today in the park­ing lot of a shop­ping cen­ter in Plan­ta­tion, which is near Fort Laud­erdale. He is a reg­is­tered Repub­li­can with a crim­i­nal record.

Say­oc is a Flori­da res­i­dent, but he is orig­i­nal­ly from New York.

A white van belong­ing to the sus­pect — adorned with pro-Trump and anti-CNN stick­ers — was seized, wrapped in a blue tarp, and towed away.

The Depart­ment of Jus­tice just held a news con­fer­ence head­lined by Attor­ney Gen­er­al Jeff Ses­sions and FBI Direc­tor Christo­pher Wray.

Wray said that thir­teen devices have been inter­cept­ed by author­i­ties, and that Say­oc is being charged with five fed­er­al crimes which car­ry a sen­tence of up to fifty-eight years. The bombs were not hoax devices, Wray emphasized.

A fin­ger­print found on the pack­age sent to Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Max­ine Waters was cru­cial to allow­ing the FBI to pin­point Say­oc as the sus­pect, Wray said.

Ses­sions and Wray said they would not dis­cuss whether Say­oc was coop­er­at­ing with inves­ti­ga­tors, or what his moti­va­tion was. They did spend a lot of time tout­ing the “unbe­liev­able work” done by the FBI and its many part­ner agencies.

Asked why Say­oc was tar­get­ing Democ­rats, Ses­sions hes­i­tat­ed, and then said: “I don’t know oth­er… than what you might suspect.”

Among the MAG­A­Bomber’s tar­gets were for­mer Pres­i­dent Barack Oba­ma, for­mer Vice Pres­i­dent Joe Biden, the Clin­tons, U.S. Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Max­ine Waters, investor and phil­an­thropist George Soros, and the actor Robert de Niro.

None of the devices reached their tar­gets, and mirac­u­lous­ly, no one has been injured by the devices… at least not so far.

Trump has of course not both­ered to reach out to the Oba­mas, Clin­tons, or Bidens since author­i­ties began inter­cept­ing the pack­ages meant to harm them.

Author­i­ties don’t know if all of the devices mailed by the bomber (alleged­ly Say­oc) are account­ed for. Those that have been recov­ered so far have been sent to the FBI’s lab in Quan­ti­co, Vir­ginia, for analy­sis. The work done by the lab was instru­men­tal in the appre­hen­sion of the suspect.

The FBI has not said if Say­oc is believed to have act­ed alone.

This much we do know: Don­ald Trump and his enablers have been reg­u­lar­ly encour­ag­ing and incit­ing the likes of Say­oc to com­mit vio­lent acts through their irre­spon­si­ble rhetoric. Trump is there­fore part­ly respon­si­ble for these attempt­ed acts of ter­ror­ism. So is the Repub­li­can Party. 

The Repub­li­can Par­ty was on a neo­fas­cist path before Trump came along, but under Trump, its march towards dark­ness has accelerated.

The Pres­i­dent is sup­posed to pro­tect the peo­ple of this coun­try — all the peo­ple of this coun­try, not just their own par­ty and their own base — from harm.

But Trump isn’t inter­est­ed in dis­charg­ing the very seri­ous and very impor­tant respon­si­bil­i­ties of the office he holds. He only cares about the trap­pings of the office, the pow­er, and the bul­ly pul­pit that goes with it.

And his Repub­li­can enablers, includ­ing Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, are okay with this. They’re get­ting what they want: tax cuts for their donors and right wing judges on the Supreme Court and oth­er impor­tant courts in this country.

Trump reg­u­lar­ly bash­es the Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ty and the press at his ral­lies. He has, on many occa­sions, made com­ments clear­ly intend­ed to incite vio­lence. He has even offered to pay the legal bills of peo­ple who com­mit vio­lent acts.

Cesar Say­oc is a Trump admir­er. Footage has already been found of him at Trump hate ral­lies. He is part of Trump’s base of vio­lence-prone, mil­i­tant extremists.

Say­oc is unfor­tu­nate­ly not an atyp­i­cal Trump sup­port­er, because so many Trump sup­port­ers have demon­strat­ed a pro­cliv­i­ty to violence.

Check out the pho­to below of a Trump sup­port­er wear­ing a shirt which says: “Rope. Tree. Jour­nal­ist. Some Assem­bly Required.”

Some Repub­li­cans, blind to the real­i­ty of what is hap­pen­ing in their par­ty, may not wish to acknowl­edge this truth. But it’s impor­tant the rest of us under­stand it and say it. What’s hap­pen­ing right now in this coun­try is not nor­mal. It is dis­grace­ful, it is dis­gust­ing, and it must be called out and addressed by all true patriots.

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