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Networks project Obama win in Vermont; Romney win in Kentucky and Indiana

Major television networks have now begun calling states in the Eastern timezone for the two major presidential candidates.

President Barack Obama is projected to carry Vermont, which has three electoral votes. Independent Bernie Sanders (perhaps the nation’s most progressive senator) is also projected to win in his U.S. Senate race. Mitt Romney has won in Kentucky and Indiana, according to exit polls, which gives him nineteen electoral votes.

Exit polls indicate that Virginia’s electorate is split right down in the middle between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama: 49% to 49%. The Old Dominion will remain too close to call for probably the duration of the evening.

Tim Kaine is said to be running a little ahead of Barack Obama in Virginia (for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Jim Webb) which is good news for Democrats. Kaine’s opponent is the guy Webb beat in 2006 … Republican George Allen. Allen is the guy who infamously was captured on video insulting a young man who was taping one of his campaign events. His comments then ultimately helped bring about the demise of his candidacy. Last year, as he geared up to run for Senate again, he offered a long public mea culpa, hoping to atone for his racist remarks.

Indiana’s Senate race, between conservative Democrat Joe Donnelly and Tea Party favorite Richard Mourdock, also remains too close to call right now.