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Daily Archives: October 27th, 2011

Meet the hypocrites: Bank of America

Excerpt: You may recall that a cou­ple of weeks ago Bank of Amer­i­ca Bank of Greed insti­tut­ed a $5 month­ly penal­ty for cus­tomers who use a deb­it card that is tied to their check­ing account. All the while, mod­ern-day Scrooge,  CEO Bri­an Moyni­han was whin­ing that the bank “has a right to make a prof­it” and  […]
Written by:Ken
Categories:Economic Security
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Pacific NW Portal 5.0 (Newport) to launch in December after years of development

Excerpt: I have some excit­ing news to share this morn­ing: In a cou­ple of months, NPI’s Pacif­ic NW Por­tal is final­ly going to be get­ting a much-need­ed over­haul with the launch of Ver­sion 5.0, code­named New­port. We’ve been work­ing on this new ver­sion for a very long time, and I’m pleased to say we’re close to […]
Written by:Andrew Villeneuve
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