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Daily Archives: July 15th, 2022

Wild Olympics’ prospects rise thanks to inclusion in 2022 national defense funding bill

Excerpt: A decade in gestation, the Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Act would protect 126,500 acres as wilderness – portions of Olympic National Forest surrounding the namesake national park – while extending Wild and Scenic River status to nineteen rivers and tributaries.
Written by:Joel Connelly
Categories:Our Environment, Policy Topics
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SurveyUSA validates NPI’s finding that most Washingtonians want an assault weapons ban

Excerpt: The validity of NPI's assault weapons ban research has been affirmed by an entirely separate poll backed by KING5, The Seattle Times, the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, and Washington State University’s Murrow College of Communication.
Written by:Andrew Villeneuve
Categories:Civil Liberties, Policy Topics
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