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Saving democracy one vote at a time: Democratic secretaries of state review the 2020 election and look ahead to 2022

Excerpt: Jena Griswold of Colorado, Denise Merrill of Connecticut, Shenna Bellows of Maine, and Jocelyn Benson of Michigan joined Daily Kos' Carolyn Fiddler discuss their role in state government as well as the current threat to democracy.
Written by:Emma Goolsby
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Democratic Secretaries of State discuss protecting the vote at Netroots Nation 2020

Excerpt: Denise Merrill of Connecticut, Jena Griswold of Colorado, and Jocelyn Benson of Michigan teamed up for a panel that previewed the 2020 presidential election.
Written by:Rich Erwin
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Victory! Automatic voter registration has passed the Washington State Senate

Excerpt: Another day, another victory for voting rights. Minutes ago, in a rare Saturday session, the Washington State Senate resoundingly passed a bill that provides for automatic voter registration, removing yet another barrier to voting in our great state.
Written by:Andrew Villeneuve
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