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RE: Grassroots missing from this year’s initiatives — What about last year?

Near­ly one hun­dred years ago, pro­gres­sives suc­ceed­ed in amend­ing the Con­sti­tu­tion of Wash­ing­ton State to pro­vide for three pow­ers of direct democ­ra­cy: The ini­tia­tive, the ref­er­en­dum, and the recall. The pur­pose of estab­lish­ing these three pow­ers was not to sup­plant or replace our repub­li­can form of gov­ern­ment, but rather, to give the peo­ple a way […]

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Tragedy in Norway: Explosions, shootings injure or take lives of dozens

Inex­plic­a­ble, unex­pect­ed tragedy has struck again, this time in Nor­way: Nor­way suf­fered dual attacks on Fri­day when pow­er­ful explo­sions shook the gov­ern­ment cen­ter here and, short­ly after, a gun­man stalked youths at an island sum­mer camp for young mem­bers of the gov­ern­ing Labor Par­ty. The police arrest­ed a Nor­we­gian in con­nec­tion with both attacks, which […]