White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest: We’re not endorsing anyone for speaker

WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY JOSH EARNEST: Good afternoon, everybody.  (Laughter.)  Anybody have any news they’d like to discuss?  (Laughter.)

QUESTION: — haven’t seen the remarks yet —

JOSH EARNEST: Well, you can TiVo it.  I’ll be honest, I did have a topper, but in light of breaking news, we’ll save it for Tuesday. So you can really eagerly anticipate that over your Columbus Day Weekend. So we can go straight to the questions.

QUESTION: Well, I guess I’ll start with the obvious. Republicans are looking for a speaker.  Do you have any —


QUESTION: Again. Again. Is there anyone you think — would the White House like to throw out a name, someone that the President could work with?

JOSH EARNEST: Well, my guess is that an endorsement from me from here would — well, not be viewed as an endorsement. So, look, Republicans have to make some decisions about how to lead their conference. And it certainly is easy to poke fun at the chaos, but the fact is the challenge that is facing the next Republican speaker of the House, regardless of who it is, is the same challenge that John Boehner faced, is the same challenge that Kevin McCarthy would have faced, and that is simply to unite a divided Republican caucus.

Transcript courtesy of the White House.