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Maria Cantwell’s trio of Seattle town halls begins successfully at UW’s Kane Hall

Excerpt: Activists who have been longing for Washington State's U.S. Senators to start holding town hall meetings got their wish fulfilled last night when Senator Maria Cantwell hosted the first of three town halls planned for the Seattle area, focused on healthcare
Written by:Sanjay Satish
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Progressive Ideas We Need: Paid vacation leave as part of every job

Excerpt: Edi­tor’s Note: Today and through­out this week­end, NPI is run­ning a spe­cial series here on the Cas­ca­dia Advo­cate called Pro­gres­sive Ideas We Need, high­light­ing pro­pos­als that would raise qual­i­ty of life in our region and in the Unit­ed States as a whole. Each post is con­tributed by an NPI staff, board, or advi­so­ry coun­cil member.  […]
Written by:Gael Tarleton
Categories:Economic Security, Policy Topics, Series & Special Reports
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