The margins narrow in three key states

All eyes are on Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania tonight. The margins of all three states are gradually narrowing.

In Arizona, Biden’s lead of 2.5% this morning has been whittled down to 1.5%, mostly by votes from Maricopa County, the state’s most populous area. However, the rate of change may not be enough to save Trump’s chances there.

In Georgia, Biden has more or less caught Trump, with the Secretary of State’s Office reporting a margin of 0.04% between the two candidates. Biden needs only 56% of the remaining few thousand votes to win – votes which are coming from blue-leaning counties.

Pennsylvania’s results have been coming in in small increments all day, and have consistently shown Trump’s lead ebbing away. This morning, Trump was ahead of Biden by 160,000 votes, but now he is  leading by less than 30,000. With more votes coming in from Democratic-leaning areas, Biden looks like he is on track to win the state.

In Nevada, Trump’s team started the day confident that they could narrow Biden’s lead, but instead they have fallen further behind, from 8,000 to 11,000 votes.

Thanks to laws which allow mail-in ballots to be accepted even if they arrive late, results from the states of North Carolina and Alaska are not expected until next week – although both look likely to go for Trump.