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Video Clip

Raw video: Khizr Khan addresses crowd before Hillary Clinton rally


KHIZR KHAN: I am so honored to stand before you to introduce Hillary Rodham Clinton. But before I do that, I want to share a bit about our journey since the Democratic National Convention, when our son, Captain Humayun Khan, was honored and we stood holding our Constitution.

After Donald Trump attacked this Muslim American and the Gold Star mother of Captain Humayun Khan, we received love from all corners of America. We got – we got thousands of letters and cards from people sharing their respect and solidarity with us.

I want to read a small part of a 26-page letter [laughter] written by a veteran nurse who served in Europe during the Second World War. She writes, “Mrs. and Mr. Khan, thank you for reminding us of our fundamental values enshrined in our Constitution. Please keep reminding America what kind of America we want to be.

This election will decide – this election will decide the future of America and the future of the world. On one hand, we have Donald Trump [Cries of “No!”] and his policies of hate, exclusion, intimidation [Cries of “No!”], and division. [Cries of “No!”] He challenges the impartiality of our justice system. His shameful disrespect of women has been embarrassing for America to watch.

And his angry, unstable temperament proves him unsuitable for the office of commander-in-chief of our armed forces – unsuitable – unsuitable for the office of commander-in-chief of our armed forces and custodian of the nuclear arsenal/nuclear asset of this country.

On the other hand, we have Hillary Rodham Clinton, with her lifelong public service to this country. She is the strongest, most qualified representative of the fundamental values which have made this country a symbol of hope and dignity for all throughout the world. In Secretary Clinton, we see a leader who is fighting for the true values of this country, which are under attack by Donald Trump in this election. So today I have a few questions for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, would my son, Captain Humayun Khan, have a place in your America?”


KHIZR KHAN: Would Muslims have a place in your America?


KHIZR KHAN: Would Latinos have a place in your America?


KHIZR KHAN: Would African Americans have a place in your America, Donald Trump?


KHIZR KHAN: Would anyone who isn’t like you have a place in your America, Donald Trump?


KHIZR KHAN: “Well, thankfully, Mr. Trump, this isn’t your America. [Cheers.] And on Tuesday – and on Tuesday – and on Tuesday – and on Tuesday we are going to prove America belongs to all of us.

Before – before I invite Hillary Rodham Clinton to speak with us, I want to share a very short story, an experience that I have had a few days ago on the streets here.

A humble lady – I was walking on the street – holds my arm and says, ‘Mr. Khan, thank you. Mr. Khan, I have to tell you something. I have a 10-year-old son. Since the convention, every day from school when he comes he watches your speech. He watches your speech. And I have asked him, ‘Why do you watch this speech so often?’ He wouldn’t tell me. Finally, I insisted, and I asked him, ‘Tell me why you watch this speech.’ And he told me whenever he is bullied in school, whenever he is bullied by his classmates, telling him that you will be thrown out of here, he comes home and he watches your speech.’

So his mother – so his mother went to the teacher and said, “My son had been bullied in the school. Please do something about this.”

They asked him, ‘What do you do when you are bullied?’

He says, “I watch that speech.” So the teacher had the wisdom and thoughtfulness – she went to the principal, got the permission, and played that speech to the entire class.

And a few days later – and a few days later, the mother asked him, “Have you been bullied?’”And he said, “No. Not after that speech.” The mother had the wisdom. The mother had the wisdom.

She went for early voting and she took him. She took her son with her.

And when she was voting, when she was voting for this leader, she showed him, this leader – this leader is going to stop all this nonsense, all this demagoguery from United States.

So it is my distinct honor, it is my highest honor, it is my distinct honor to present our leader for this historic mission, our leader to preserve fundamental American values, our next President, Hillary Rodham Clinton.