Susan Crawford explains to Bill Moyers why U.S. internet access is slow, costly, and unfair

BILL MOYERS: So briefly describe the need.

SUSAN CRAWFORD: All Americans need a fast, cheap connection to the internet.

BILL MOYERS: And the problem?

SUSAN CRAWFORD: A few companies control access in America and it’s not in their interest to bring that fast, cheap access to us all.

BILL MOYERS: And the solution?

SUSAN CRAWFORD: The solution is for people to care about this issue, ask hard questions at every debate, make sure you elect people who will act and give your mayor air cover so that he or she can act to make sure that your city has this fast, competitive access.

(Transcript courtesy of via Bill Moyers & Company. Read the whole thing: Susan Crawford explains why U.S. internet access is slow, costly, and unfair)