Seattle Port Commission candidates introduce themselves

Thomas Albro: Running for Position 4. Running because good jobs, good environment and good government matter. Is an Air Force kid who worked in a union during college. Has owned a construction firm. Involved in Municipal League of King County. Says Port must anchor our manufacturing base.

Chistopher Cain: Carpenter. Ran for Port Comission in 2001. Believes Port of Seattle is out of control, accountable to no one. The Port has been embroiled in scandal, fraud, abuse of trust. Talked about three R’s: Restitution, Rent, and Rights. Says our tax dollars subsidize unfair labor practices against Port of Seattle drivers. Does not know which position he is filing for yet.

Rob Holland: Running for Position 3. Jobs are absolutely critical. Stands for social justice, economiic justice as it relates to port and people in community. Has worked in the ports. Currently in fleetfield business. Understands what it takes to run the Port, described himself as a “nuts and bolts candidate.” Notes that in the past eight years we’ve seen political leaders recklessly abandon working people. He is running to create jobs. Added that Port has a key role to play in fulfilling our need for green infrastructure, green jobs, and good governance.

Al Yuen: Running for Position 3. Has a background in the hotel business. Worked his way up to become the first Asian general manager at Hilton. Also a former Bellevue transportation commissioner and city council advisor. Involved in the development of a nursing home for the Chinese American community.

John Creighton: Running for reelection to Position 1. Said the Port has lost its way, and should be focused on serving people. He has managed work through controversy. Transparency, accountabiility, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility are all very important to him. Two biggest priorites are economic development and bringing jobs to the community.

David Doud did not appear.