Invitation to NPI's 2024 Spring Fundraising Gala

Join us: NPI’s 2024 Spring Fundraising Gala

On Saturday, April 20th, the Northwest Progressive Institute will hold its sixteenth Spring Fundraising Gala in Bellevue. Please join us to support NPI’s research and advocacy!

Proceeds will empower us to continue our vital polling, send staff to Netroots Nation + national conventions, and strengthen our mobile newsgathering capabilities.

NPI’s 2024 Spring Fundraising Gala
Saturday, April 20th, 2024
5:30 PM Reception
6:00 PM Dinner
6:45 PM Program

With Attorney General Bob Ferguson

and Lynn Allen Award Honoree Senator Karen Keiser

In-person: South Bellevue Community Center
Online: Zoom and YouTube

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