Join us online for NPI’s 2020 Spring Fundraising Gala

Manka Dhingra at Seattle CityClub's #45thDebate
State Senator Manka Dhingra, our 2020 Gala Master of Ceremonies

What: A special event to benefit the work of the Northwest Progressive Institute

When: Friday, April 17th, 2020 | 7 PM Pacific

Where: Online!

Who: Senator Manka Dhingra, NPI leadership, and additional speakers to be announced

This year’s gala will be an online-only event. With the novel coronavirus likely to remain a threat to our region’s public health and collective well being for weeks to come, our board has decided that this year’s gala will be an online-only event held virtually with our sponsors and supporters, instead of in-person in Renton as previously planned.

Use the form below to buy either a Virtual Gala Access Pass ($25/person) or a combined ticket to NPI’s 2020 Spring Gala and FallFest ($100/Individual; $150 Household). If you buy a combined ticket, you’ll save $25 off the price of separate individual admission to both events, and $50 or more off the price of admission for multiple members of a household. All proceeds will benefit NPI’s research and advocacy.

Buy tickets below.

Want to support NPI’s research by sponsoring the gala and FallFest? Follow this link!


There are three ticket types:

Individual Ticket to Gala and FallFest
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Two events: Gala and FallFest
Admits one person
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Household Combined Ticket
Two events: Gala and FallFest
Admits a family
Virtual Gala Access Pass
Virtual Gala Access Pass
Provides access to gala *only*
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