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I am very excited to vote for Andrew Gillum. It is not that you have conservative evangelicals suddenly becoming liberal. It is more a realizing that you could be practicing something that isn’t even Christian at all.

— Democratic evangelical voter Alexandria Beightol, twenty-two, of Marco Island, Florida (“God Is going to have to forgive me”: Young evangelicals speak out).


Recommended Link

The next Republican panic: Gubernatorial races

“Republicans concede that a handful of once-competitive battlegrounds are nearly out of reach for them in 2018,” reports Politico’s Gabriel Debenedetti and Daniel Strauss.


Where things stand now: A summary of gubernatorial races in the Eastern timezone

Welcome to NPI’s continuing elections live coverage. He is a quick summary of where things stand in the gubernatorial races on the East Coast. Note that in some states, polls have not yet closed.

Too close to call

  • Florida: Charlie Crist (D) versus Rick Scott (R)

Too early to call

  • Massachusetts: Martha Coakley (D) versus Charlie Baker (R)
  • New Hampshire: Maggie Hassan (D) versus Walt Havenstein (R)
  • Maryland: Anthony Brown (D) versus Larry Hogan (R)
  • Maine: Paul LePage (R) versus Michael Michaud (D)
  • Georgia: Nathan Deal (R) versus Jason Carter (D)

Projected Democratic pickup

  • Pennsylvania: Tom Wolf (D) defeats Tom Corbett (R)


Video Clip

Watch how Rick Scott dodges the question on his most solemn duty as governor (video courtesy of the Florida Democratic Party).