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Monday, February 26, 2007

Watch out for the free shoes

Sure, the Seattle Times says it has a great news department, and we're supposed to just believe them.

But the P-I has reporters everywhere.
Virtual P-I reporter Cooper Priestly can be reached through Second Life instant messenger. To create a Second Life account, visit Membership is free except for premium accounts, which cost $9.95 per month.
Even more, um, interestingly:
You will have to buy the appropriate body parts for mature activities. Until then, your avatar will have the anatomy of a Ken doll.
Very realistic game it sounds like. I remember mowing lawns and painting fences in high school for much the same purpose. (Well, come on, I didn't mean I had to actually--oh, never mind.)
Beware of gifts from strangers. Somebody offered me a pair of shoes that made my avatar pregnant.
In my day the rumor was toilet seats.

Leaving that aside, clearly what this game needs is bloggers.

What would happen if a Second Life blogger started blogging about Second Life, and then that one created a character, and so on and so on? Watch out, space-time continuum!

Sounds like a job for this guy.

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