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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Al and Tipper Gore arrive on the red carpet

The Gores have just arrived on the red carpet at Hollywood's Kodak Theater for the 79th annual Academy Awards. They stopped to chat briefly with George Pennacchio and Richard Roeper (normally Ebert & Roeper are together, but Ebert is at home recuperating from surgery and watching the festivities on television - Ebert says he "hopes to be back next year for this annual legendary event.")

Asked about Hollywood's reception to An Inconvenient Truth, Gore noted that "they really care about the environmental crisis" and said he was pleased with the support the film had received. Richard Roeper observed that the Al Gore in the movie is not the same Al Gore the nation saw in 2000. Gore chuckled and said he believes that candidates are viewed through a different lens, but added "Maybe in the last six years I've gained a little strength."

You certainly have, Al. You certainly have.

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