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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oregonian: build a new I-5 bridge

The Oregonian editorializes in favor of the CRC staff recommendation. Well, that's how I read it anyhow:
Some people want to see the existing bridges kept, even if a new bridge is built, but that isn't practical. The old bridges would require a seismic upgrade and a huge maintenance investment. Plus, they could interfere with the new bridge.
Offhand, it appears that many forces are lining up in favor of getting on with moving the staff recommendation to the DEIS phase, although it's still not clear from press accounts how the Tuesday vote by the 39-member advisory task force will go. My guess is that the staff recommendation will pass.

I still lean towards the staff recommendation, with a huge caveat: The Oregonian editorial, for instance, kind of glosses over the issue of federal funding. It's a key component in any decision, and it would be nice to hear that discussed a little (or a lot) more on Tuesday.

UPDATE-- The Columbian has a lengthy overview of the CRC project in this morning's issue. Worth checking out whether you are somewhat unfamiliar with the project or have been following it closely.

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