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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Al Gore's Oscar moments

Think Progress has the video you want to see:
It's been a great night for the former Vice President, without a doubt.

UPDATE: A snippet from a must read commentary in The Nation:
Gore knows he has time to make a decision; indeed, he knows that as long as he isn't running he will be just about everyone's favorite son.

For Al Gore, politics can finally be fun. And so it was Sunday night.

His Oscar night adventure offered the former vice president a perfect opportunity to show the side of the ponderous politician that is rarely evidenced in public. Despite his reviews, Gore is one of the wittier people in public life. And so it came as no surprise to anyone who has spent much off-camera time with the man that he played the Academy Awards like a Saturday Night Live appearance.
Read the whole piece - Announcing Al Gore.

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