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Saturday, February 17, 2007

What's McCain's position?

At AMERICAblog, Joe in DC asks the vital questions about John McCain's view on sex education:
So, if this is such an important issue, we must ask: What is the abstinence policy for the McCain staff? If one works for John McCain, must one sign a "I won't have sex" pledge...or does the no-sex thing only apply to other people. Does his "no-sex" policy apply to unmarried soldiers? And, what exactly are people supposed to abstain from? Everything? Is oral sex okay?

If McCain wants people to abstain from pre-marital sex -- and he opposes gay marriage -- does that mean McCain doesn't think gay people should ever have sex? Maybe one of the many gays working on his campaign can answer that question for us.
Maybe someone can ask him in Seattle next week, when "The Forked Tongue Express" visits the stinkiest of the Northwest stink tanks.

Who should Republicans nominate, a panderer or maybe a philanderer? Choices, choices. If only Rudy would pander, he'd be perfect.

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