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Friday, February 16, 2007

Elway poll looks good for Democratic agenda

David Ammons reports on an Elway poll about hot issues facing Olympia. From the AP via the P-I:
Seven out of 10 Washington voters turn thumbs down to spending public money on pro sports facilities, but a strong majority favors same-sex domestic partner benefits, according to a new statewide poll.

The Elway Poll, published Friday by independent pollster Stuart Elway, also showed support for simple-majority approval of school levies and backing for paid family medical leave. A plan for public financing of some judicial races was supported by only 41 percent of those polled.
The article goes on to state that a majority support either a new viaduct or shifting the money to other projects, but the details are confusing further down in the piece. Plus it's a statewide poll, so it's a reasonable to assume that citizens outside the Puget Sound region may not be following the issue that closely.

Offhand, what I take away is that if it weren't for the infernal viaduct Democrats would be doing pretty well. (However, even with the fight over the future of the waterfront, the party's not doing too bad).

And as a resident of Southwest Washington I still refuse to offer an opinion on which option is best, but I do sincerely hope this debate can be resolved so that we can move on. It's not the end of the world that people continue to struggle with such a huge challenge, but I'm guessing there is some fatigue setting in already.

Basically what you have in this poll is a firm endorsement of the non-viaduct Democratic agenda. Simple majority for schools is a huge issue for everyone in the state, and for those of us who have experienced first hand the absurdity of losing an election with 59% of the vote, its time has certainly come.

And it looks like onions enjoy a lot of support in the poll, so it looks like the end for Big Potato. They're fried.

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