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Friday, February 16, 2007

Making new Democrats through sheer personality

Check out this letter to the editor from two 18 year old government students at Evergreen High School in Clark County. It seems one of their state representatives, Republican Jim Dunn of the 17th District, first forgot about their scheduled meeting and went to lunch for 40 minutes, then proceeded to insult them:
Although our first impression was less than perfect, we excused his tardiness and began to discuss his legislative agenda. During this time, our opinion of him did not improve, but rather, worsened as time went on. He evaded legitimate questions or changed their meaning so as to suit him. Numerous times throughout our discussion he insulted our intelligence by stating, “You will understand when you grow up.”
Yeah, you stupid kids, what do you think you're doing trying to talk to an elected offical about his policy positions? Why the nerve. Next thing you know these silly 18 year olds will want the right to vote.

Seriously, good on these new voters for making the effort to become involved. Let's hope that they don't sour on politics because of a know-nothing like Jim Dunn. Even his own party doesn't think much of him, from what I hear. You kind of wonder what he does in Olympia all day, besides eat lunch.

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