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Friday, February 16, 2007

McCain to worship false idol of intelligent design

The "Forked Tongue Express" will be in Seattle appearing before the Discovery Institute next week.
Yet, on February 23, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) will be the keynote speaker for the most prominent creationism advocacy group in the country. The Discovery Institute, a religious right think-tank, is well-known for its strong opposition to evolutionary biology and its advocacy for “intelligent design.” The institute’s main financial backer, savings and loan heir Howard Ahmanson, spent 20 years on the board of the Chalcedon Foundation, “a theocratic outfit that advocates the replacement of American civil law with biblical law.”
OK, candidates run to the right in Republican presidential primaries, we get that. But really, couldn't McCain have found a more credible way to do it? Or is the GOP so far gone that bowing before a group that has been rejected by Kansas the best he could do?

The next time Chris Mathews burbles out some idiotic comment about McCain's vaunted independence, please scream into a pillow. If GOP candidates still have to go around sucking up to Jerry Falwell and his pretend university and bogus right wing stink tanks like Discovery, then nothing has really changed.

People keep asking me who I think is going to win in 2008. With the usual caveat that it's early and my crystal ball needs a new flux capacitor, I tend to think that saying "the Democrat" is a fairly safe answer. It's not like the GOP is getting any less crazy. I was watching some of the Iraq resolution debate last night, and with most of the GOP it's lilke watching a tape from 2003. One guy was even bagging on France again, although you could kind of see the gears start to turn as some part of his lizard brain went "Uh-oh, I should stop now."

McCain isn't a moderate; he's as conservative as they come and has little principle, otherwise he would have spoken out against the fiasco in Iraq. He has little chance to become president because he has thoroughly squandered his once decent reputation by placing party over country. He and Colin Powell were probably the two people who could have prevented this insanity, and they didn't even try. History will not judge them kindly.

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