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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Puget Sound sex coffee threatens Clark County

The Columbian's Elizabeth Hovde engages in some hand-wringing over sexy coffee places in the Puget Sound region. She has an old friend who sells sexy coffee, but it's ok because they don't do schoolgirl outfits or something, but what's really hilarious is this bit:
It's hard to know what limits are in place at The Sweet Spot Cafe in Shoreline. Its Web site shows what I would consider pornographic images of baristas hosting a car wash.
Well, after some thorough analysis, since The Columbian didn't provide a link, here are my conclusions: (WARNING-LINK IS NOT WORK-SAFE IF YOU WORK AT THE COLUMBIAN!)

Stupid? Yes. Dangerous around hot, steamy espresso machines? Perhaps. Pornographic? Hardly. By Hovde's definition Carl's Jr. should be put out of business.

It's not the first time The Columbian has run this sort of piece. Several years ago, right before Christmas 2004, there was an outraged guest editorial from a lady who had her panties in a bunch about Victoria's Secret, which led to the infamous "War on Lingerie." The sexy mannequins ultimately donned pajamas, and a few years later the "War on Lingerie" had become the "War on Fort Vancouver Regional Library District." The sexy internet terminals have donned mandatory filters, best I recall. So good luck with all those term papers about breast cancer.

Before we shrug off Hovde's column as simple wingnut prudery, let's remember that this is how they operate. Eventually your freedoms come under assault in the name of morality, as defined by people who seem to think they have some unique insight into the concept. These are the same people who don't want kids to be taught medical information about STD's and such.

If only the horrors of war inspired them as much as scantily clad mannequins and baristas, they might have some credibility on the topic of morality.

POSTCRIPT A few years back The Columbian let an editor go for supposedly accessing pornography on work computers. So if Hovde accessed "The Sweet Spot's" home page from a Columbian computer, I guess she better clean out her desk.

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