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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Making stuff up

If conservative columnists get to make up fake quotes from Abraham Lincoln and publish them in The Washington Times, it is incumbent upon media outlets that still consider themselves "respectable," whatever that means, to point out the fabrication and hold The Washington Times in contempt. This, of course, leaves aside the fact that said columnist is engaging in violent revenge fantasies against sitting Democratic Senators, which is a whole other issue.

Or we could attack the dirty hippie bloggers.

The right is losing what little of its collective mind it has left, but much like a small child finally denied the 10th candy bar in a row, the temper tantrum to come is going to be awful to behold. It won't accomplish anything, but people with poor impulse control to begin with are certain to lash out at anyone or anything they don't like. There's nothing that can be done to stop the conservative tantrum, but there's no reason that media outlets have to call it anything but what it is.

You knew that "civility" was just a head fake, didn't you?

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