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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Don't have opinions

An urgent warning to bloggers: don't have any opinions about religious extremists.
Clearly, the right is able to attack us with impunity. Japanesse internment justifying Michelle Malkin goes on the air to bash Marcotte and McEwan, while the people who read Malkin's blog send death and rape threats to them. And even the media reports on the matter make the Michelle Malkin's of the world look like the sane hero in this situation, while Marcotte and McEwan are evil. And then a bunch of Democrats, including a few commenters at MyDD, will give Malkin, O'Reilly and Donohue cover for this by saying that Marcotte and McEwan were out of line. Rinse and repeat.
The false sense of victimhood in certain quarters of Wingnuttia, especially the neighborhood occupied by the homophobic Christianist right, is laughable. Because it's always ridiculous when those who seek to set normative behavior by persecuting people do so in the name of being persecuted.

I'm trying to think of 20th Century examples of societies where powerful militarists used bogus claims of persecution to further their evil plans, but I'm coming up blank this morning.*

*Actually I can think of an example, but I still secretly hope to blog for the Hillary Clinton campaign. I am going to very cleverly use code words so that my base will know what I am talking about. I'll put the code words in italics so that you can recognize them easily. Ready for code word number one? Good, be ready to write this down: Madolf Bittler

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