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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What a new viaduct would look like

Architects from Seattle's most prominent firms held a news conference yesterday to illustrate just what a new viaduct would look like, according to the state's specifications. The new structure, which is massive, would create an even bigger wall between downtown and the viaduct, architects said.

Walter Schacht, who is the president of the Seattle chapter of the American Institute of Architects, said at yesterday's event that there is "overwhelming consensus in the design community" against a new elevated highway.

Here is a rendering that shows the size, scale, and scope of a new viaduct:

The New Alaskan Way Monstrosity

Note the use of the word "new". This is not a "rebuild", because it is significantly different from the existing structure. The above illustration shows the existing viaduct superimposed in red.

Don't want this colossal thing cutting off the city from its waterfront like an ugly fortress wall? Then vote no on Proposition 2 - and a new viaduct.

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