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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tax cuts will solve all our problems

That's the message from Republicans in Olympia, who are bankrupt of ideas:
"Government is good at taxing the people when it wants money. Now that there's more money in the general fund than is needed, government ought to be giving some of that money back to the people," said Rep. Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama.

House Republicans say the state has enough money to offer a $400 tax rebate for Washington homeowners.
There's more money than is needed? Um, Ed, have you taken a look at the state of our schools lately? The crisis facing Puget Sound? The problems with our healthcare system? Our decaying public infrastructure?

If your party was in charge, no progress would be made on any of the above mentioned challenges, because you and your fellow Republicans are almost never willing to raise the revenue it takes to tackle them.

Fortunately, the adults have been in charge of the statehouse for the last few years, and consequently, we've invested in transportation improvements and preserved badly needed funds for our public schools. Voters have been saying "no" to right wing tax cutting initiatives for years now.

Orcutt and his fellow Republicans' call for a tax cut isn't leadership, it's pathetic political posturing. The state GOP needs to look no further than its own press releases to understand why it is the minority party in Olympia.

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