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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

CRC task force vote tonight

It's not the Academy awards, but for transportation wonks in Portland and Clark County nothing will beat the the CRC task force vote this evening.
But the task force seems divided with the outcome uncertain. Several task force members seem ready to propose adding alternatives to the draft EIS. The Metro Council, for example, authorized its representative on the task force, Rex Burkholder, to seek construction of a third bridge while keeping the old one.

In addition, Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart may ask for relocation of the BNSF Railway swing span, now at the north side, to the center.
We may not find out until tomorrow what happened, as the meeting is in Portland and I can't attend. I do have a couple of emails out asking folks to let me know, so we'll see.

It's a significant decision for the region, to say the least. However it comes out, it's been a fairly impressive process, and the communities involved owe their thanks not just to the CRC staff and elected officials, but also to the many private citizens who volunteered countless hours.

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