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Monday, February 26, 2007

About the wingnutosphere

What Atrios says.
You know, the wingnutosphere was always populated by lunatic morons, but back in the old days we actually felt obliged to engage them. Now we just mock them.
We might add a sound addendum: not only that, but in the case of people who think it's okay to trace IP addresses and resort to various other petty acts, it's not only okay but advisable to ignore them, since their instinct is not to state rational reasons why they disagree with people, but to attempt subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) intimidation. This worked somewhat in 2002-2003, when the horrors of French Toast were on display for all to see; not so much now that the architects of the Great and Glorious People's Crusade to Teach Hippies a Lesson by Attacking Iraq are widely known to be idiots.

Freedom of speech also includes the right to ignore people who are not credible, whether the issue is wars, elections or country music bands who speak their mind.

If only journalists could figure this out, we'd be half way home.

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