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Friday, August 13, 2010

Team DelBene catches Reichert operatives puffing up Dave's image with false Google ad

Dave Reichert's 2010 reelection campaign is getting more inept with each passing day, it seems. Less than a week after being slammed by The Seattle Times by failing to offer any rationale for siding with Wall Street and voting against financial services reform during his editorial board interview, Suzan DelBene's campaign has discovered that Reichert operatives recently bought at least one very dishonestly worded Google ad. Take a gander:

Dave Reichert's false Google ad
The text in the image above, if you can't see it, reads:
Dave Reichert Leading Through Challenging Times - Learn How He's Fighting Wall Street
"The link just goes to his website’s splash page, which doesn’t mention anything about Wall Street or financial reform," noted DelBene communications director Scott Whiteaker, who forwarded the image above to reporters.

This ad, of course, is an outright lie. Sometimes campaigns will make claims that are misleading, but this goes beyond that. It's utterly dishonest. Reichert hasn't done anything to stand up to Wall Street. Not one thing. Just ask Reichert's former cheerleaders at The Seattle Times. They know he doesn't have answers:
On issues ranging from the wars to the economy, three-term Republican incumbent Reichert is unstudied and comes up short. After six years in office, this is unacceptable.

Reichert opposed financial reform, but was unable to explain what he did or did not like about the legislation. The 8th District deserves someone who is faster on their feet.
Reichert's operatives know their Google ad is a lie. They're just trying to whitewash Reichert's record in an attempt to fool gullible voters.

Perhaps they figured they wouldn't get caught.

If so, they were wrong. They and their clueless boss are up against a remarkable team of people who are determined to bring effective representation to the 8th Congressional District... Team DelBene.

Reichert has capitalized on name familiarity and personal likability to carry him narrowly to victory three cycles in a row, benefiting each time from late October attacks launched against his Democratic opponent by his allies.

No doubt those same allies will be asked to ride to Reichert's rescue again. But if Reichert's pals are counting on catching on Suzan DelBene off guard, they are in for a rude surprise, because DelBene knows how to counterpunch.

As a congressman, Reichert is an embarrassment, and unfortunately, there's really nothing at this point that he can do about it. He had his chance to stand up to Wall Street. And he had many, many chances to demonstrate that he doesn't do what John Boehner and Roy Blunt tell him to. He squandered those opportunities.

Now he has to face the voters and his operatives are trying to portray him as the opposite of what he is. Rewriting history might be an effective method of shaping public opinion in Oceania, but it isn't going to work here.


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