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Monday, September 10, 2007

MoveOn doesn't speak for me

What Rolling Stone said:
What a ******* stupid thing to do.

“General Betray Us”?

For God’s sake, it’s not even clever. A bad pun driving a despicable message.
Sure, it's all fun and games going after an obscure Congressman from Southwest Washington who foolishly waded into the snake pit, for whatever reason. Not so much fun now, huh?

The problem is that "MoveOn" and "blogs" usually occur in close juxtaposition in the traditional media. A handy example is this front page story in The Oregonian about Brian Baird:
Liberal group has launched an advertising campaign attacking Baird in his district. He is the target of angry screeds from bloggers.
We're being lumped in with people who are acting like the mirror opposite of the neoconservatives whose agenda we despise. Houston, we have a big, big problem. MoveOn doesn't speak for me, not with this stuff. We can crash the gates without that kind of rhetoric.

Take my decoder ring, please.

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